Social Success Note Playbook

September 2020

As an output of the ANDE SGB Finance Learning Lab, ANDE India, and Asha Impact have collaborated, with the support of SAP and platform partner UNDP SDG Finance Facility, to put together this playbook on Social Success Notes. SSNs are innovative financing mechanisms that aim to leverage commercial capital for social good. Aiming to be a functional tool for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, this playbook addresses the why, what, and how of SSNs, along with a few case studies, challenges, and opportunities revolving around these nascent financing tools. Especially in times of crisis, instruments such as SSNs have the potential to improve the efficacy of philanthropy and government spending. The playbook has been developed for impact investors, social entrepreneurs, outcome funders, and other players in the impact ecosystem.

The India Impact Investing Story: Assessing a decade of capital plus innovation for impact (2010-19)

June 2020

A comprehensive report on the Indian impact sector over the last decade looking at the nature of capital flows and business models, and assessing the cumulative impact of the industry. The aggregation study attempts to quantify and showcase the cumulative power of the impact created and also celebrate the great stories of innovation that the industry has spawned.

Webinar on the legal framework for Social Success Notes in India

June 2020

What are the legalities one must be mindful of while raising capital through Social Success Notes? This webinar organized by ANDE India in collaboration with GameChanger Law Advisors and Asha Impact highlights the legal nuances for social entrepreneurs and impact investors looking to leverage innovative finance.

Recommendations’ for the Deployment of CSR Funds through AIFs & Social Businesses

December 2018

India’s CSR law is one of the most innovative pieces of legislation globally. However, it is estimated that over a third of the total CSR money is not invested for various reasons, and a large portion is given to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, showing that many corporates have not yet used CSR as an effective tool for social impact and value creation. There are several challenges in allowing CSR capital to flow to for-profit enterprises whether directly or indirectly through venture funds or blended finance/outcome funding.

Making Indian Cities Sustainable

October 2018

Read Asha Impact, Omidyar Network and eGovernments Foundation's latest report which explores the market opportunities that exist in making India’s cities more liveable, sustainable and business friendly. Cities are engines for sustainable development. They represent the true confluence of ideas, commerce, culture, science, and productivity.

Industry Night Corporate Social Responsibility - Catalysing Corporate Startup Engagement

September 2018

“Industry Night” is a series of bi-monthly evening events, started by Zone Startups, to stimulate an interaction between the leading members of the industry and the startup ecosystem and to share best practices and enabling a peer network in innovation within the space. At an “Industry Night” you can hear a reverse pitch, wherein industry leaders talk and discuss problems that they are facing; which, shows that the industry is trying to work with innovation or new solutions.

Annual Impact Report 2018 - Asha Impact

June 2018

The Annual Impact Report 2018, is Asha Impact's first Annual Report which provides a comprehensive overview of the social footprint of our portfolio companies, advocacy in the housing and energy sectors and ecosystem building activities. Preparing our first such report to answer the question of how do we create impact – the word in our name itself – has been a useful exercise forcing us to critically evaluate the results of our efforts over the last three years.

Impact Investing Primer - Asha Impact Primer

May 2018

The Asha Impact primer on impact investment provides quick links to key reports and videos that shall give a comprehensive overview of the sector. Impact investing is unlocking significant sums of private investment capital to complement public resources and philanthropy in addressing pressing global challenges. Hundreds of impact investors are engaged in this movement to redefine the role of capital and channel its full power to create a better world.

Impact investing finds its place in India

September 2017

The global market for impact investments is projected to grow to $300 billion or more by 2020,1 according to the Global Steering Group on Impact Investment. Although this is still a fraction of the total private-equity assets under management (about $2.5 trillion in 20162 ), mainstream investors have entered the arena and are bringing scale to what was earlier considered a niche.

Beyond Off Grid: Integrating Mini-grids with India's Evolving Electricity System

May 2017

Up to 250 million Indians are not connected to the national grid and the majority of rural consumers have grossly unreliable power supply. At its core the report aims to provide a framework and roadmap that enables the national grid and mini-grid operators to work together towards an integrated electricity system