What is Asha Impact?

Asha Impact is a platform for business leaders to work together to address critical development
challenges by leveraging their expertise, capital and networks to (i) make impact investments in
scalable social enterprises, (ii) develop the impact ecosystem and (iii) influence public policy
based on learnings from social entrepreneurs and inclusive business models.

How Does it Work?

Asha Impact uses a hybrid approach and comprises of two entities:

The investment platform is focused on identifying innovative and scalable models that can
deliver critical products & services to underserved populations in a manner that is financially
sustainable. The trust is focused on applying the lessons from these inclusive business models
that are working on the ground to advocate for policy changes in collaboration with
industry and sector experts.



The Asha Impact platform allows business leaders to make impact investments in and provide strategic support to the most innovative and scalable social enterprises in India.


Asha Impact helps to develop the social impact ecosystem through venture philanthropy initiatives that build sector capacity and help to further 'mainstream' impact investing.


Asha Impact works on targeted advocacy initiatives with thought leaders and key policymakers to help central, state and local governments create systematic social impact.

Our Focus Areas

Basic Infrastructure and Services

i.e. affordable housing, access to energy, water & sanitation and waste management

Financial Inclusion and Technology

i.e. SME finance, housing finance, payment solutions, peer-to-peer lending

Education, Skilling, and Employment

i.e. K-12 education, vocational training, education technology, livelihoods