Asha Impact

Providing Life and Hope to the Underserved

Asha Impact enables results-based collaboration between business leaders who want to
tackle socio-economic challenges in India by leveraging their combined capital, networks
and expertise. It does this through three sets of activities:

The Asha Approach

Asha Impact follows a unique approach of addressing a social issue using a combination of entrepreneurial, philanthropic and policy perspectives. It aims to understand ground-level challenges by supporting the work of social entrepreneurs who are leveraging business principles to address development issues. It comprises a 'virtual fund' that makes for-profit equity investments and a non-profit trust that channels grants for ecosystem building and policy advocacy. Asha Impact follows a sector-building and partnership-based approach that values collaboration between industry, academia, and civil society, and works closely with the government to create social impact at scale.


The Asha Impact platform allows business leaders to make impact investments in and provides strategic support to the most innovative and scalable social enterprises in India.


Asha Impact helps to develop the social impact ecosystem through venture philanthropy initiatives that build sector capacity and help to further 'mainstream' impact investing.


Asha Impact works on targeted advocacy initiatives with thought leaders and key policymakers to help central, state and local governments create systematic social impact.